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2015. Your best year in Real Estate.

Do you want to create a more competitive auction atmosphere?

Is it possible that our auctions on the Gold coast could enjoy the same level of success as some of our colleagues in southern regions enjoy?? What would we need to change? Would it be worthwhile? Is that what we want?

With the experience of over 20,000 auctions in total and 30 years as an auctioneer on the Gold Coast, no one is better equipped to take you through the intricacies of the auction process here in our Gold Coast marketplace.

What is relevant to your Gold Coast market is what counts. Propel your results forward like never before, attract more listings and enjoy record financial rewards, More registered bidders and more competition for your seller’s property, simply add up to great results for you both!!

Paul’s understanding of the process is shared with you on “a no holds barred” basis. Perhaps controversial at times, but packed with valuable information that may change your view of the process and in particular your utilization of it.

Evolving market conditions, record low interest rates give unprecedented opportunity to the astute agent. Will you benefit to the degree you should? Launch into 2015’s traditional auction season like never before.

Remember, this is totally Gold Coast based (not Sydney or Melbourne) and offers you the strategies to be an outstanding agent of influence here on the coast.

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About Paul Cavanagh. International Property Auctioneer.


Paul Cavanagh is one of Australia’s most experienced and acknowledged real estate auctioneers. In a career that has spanned over three decades he has been at the forefront of his craft.

Members of every major franchise and marketing group have utilized his services. He has conducted in excess of 20,000 auctions ranging from humble blocks of land, to the palatial homes of the rich and famous, to substantial commercial properties, and even international resort properties. He comes with an impressive pedigree.

Several state industry bodies have recognized Paul’s skills. He holds the rare distinction of winning auctioneering competitions in both New South Wales and Queensland. He is an individual that has not been content with personal accolades. Since retiring from active competition, Paul has committed to sharing his experience with hundreds of new and experienced auctioneers. Some graduates of his “Auctioneering Excellence” program have gone on to win multiple auction competitions in Queensland, New South Wales, the ACT, Northern Territory and Western Australia.


Some career highlights have included selling a property for !00% above the reserve price, offering over 70 properties in one sale and exceeding reserve prices by over 40 million dollars in a single sale.

His vast experience has given the opportunity to study the auction process first hand. His insights have helped business proprietors and salespeople alike reach new and exciting levels of performance. His coaching clients have been successful in converting average businesses into industry giants.

All of Paul’s skills were put to the test when he was asked to coordinate the sale of 15 oceanfront homes in the sultanate of Oman in the Middle East. A mammoth task when the process was unknown to the population, and English was a second language. Calling on all the experience he was involved in setting conditions of sale, liaising with the sales team and setting their marketing strategy, over viewing an international marketing campaign and both the coordinating and the conducting of the sale.

The result of the sale exceeded all of the owner’s expectations. Incredibly over 100 million dollars worth of property ($A) was sold in just 90 minutes of feverish activity. This is believed to be the largest auction of residential property in the world.

You may be looking for an auctioneer, or looking for increased auction activity in a business or career, perhaps looking to obtain or enhance your skills as an auctioneer? Paul Cavanagh will bring the experience that is so vital to success.


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